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Satsifi Customer Service App Launches on iOS

The Satisfi app gives consumers a direct line to the person that can make a difference while in-store or on-site.  Thanks to the real-time, mobile enterprise platform, which launched in September 2014, customers have a more effective voice to get what they need.  And businesses have an opportunity to solve problems quickly and keep customers engaged and loyal.
Satisfi has been adopted by major brands across a wide swath of sectors, from hospitality to retail and automotive.  Businesses appreciate the private and secure channel that Satisfi creates for customer engagement when things go haywire, giving them an opportunity to find a solution and minimize bad online reviews.  And Satisfi’s robust back-end analytics help pinpoint trends, strengths and weaknesses to improve customer service protocols.
There are endless applications.  For example, a hotel guest can use Satisfi to signal maintenance to a faulty air conditioning unit, a football fan can alert stadium officials to a disruptive seatmate without getting involved or missing the next play, or a shopper can request a different size option from an associate without leaving the privacy of their dressing room.
How it works:
The customer can use their smart device to access Satisfi via the free Android or iOS apps, via a QR code on signage, by geo-location on the webapp, i-beacon or a text back feature.
The user selects an issue from the supplied checklist (which can be customized by the business) or free types a request of their own, and submits their feedback along with their email address. 
One or more appropriate team members within the organization are immediately alerted to an incoming request via email or text.  This allows them to respond quickly and resolve issues before they escalate.
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