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Saltwater Grille Solves EMV Compliance Regulations

The Saltwater Grille, a fine dining restaurant in Portland, Maine, has implemented TableSafe’s pay-at-the-table platform to guard against escalating chargebacks in table-service restaurants.

 The Saltwater Grille chose to install TableSafe’s EMV-certified RAIL payment platform, instead of investing in an entirely new POS system.  Before installing TableSafe’s platform, The Saltwater Grille was not equipped to accept EMV payments and experienced two to three chargebacks a week.

 “Chargebacks are becoming much more prevalent as a result of EMV mandates, and it’s become a genuine issue for many operators in our industry,” said Debora Broderson, operations manager for The Saltwater Grille. “By installing TableSafe’s platform, we’re not only mitigating chargebacks– but we’re also elevating our level of service, guest security, and enhancing the overall dining experience.”

TableSafe’s technology provides restaurants with the highest level of payment security in the industry. By combining EMV and PCI certification, point-to-point encryption and other security features, TableSafe ensures the guest’s payment information is protected and never resides on the restaurant’s POS terminal.

With TableSafe, restaurant guests control the entire payment process allowing guests to auto-calculate the tip, split the bill multiple ways, pay by item and email a receipt. Guests can complete the payment process on their own timeframe and without a server hovering over the tipping procedure.     

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