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Riviera Hotel and Casino Offers New Event Experience with Passkey

Las Vegas' The Riviera Hotel and Casino is going to deploy Passkey's top-rated online group management technology across its group business. With the deployment of Passkey, Riviera is aiming to elevate its event offering to planners, while streamlining its own group process. Specifically, Riviera will use Passkey to accomplish three primary goals:

  • Reduce its group reservation costs and overhead by driving reservations online and by automating its room list process.
  • Generate incremental group revenues by sending pre-arrival email campaigns to its group attendees that promote room upgrades, extended stays and hotel amenities.
  • Provide its meeting planners added convenience and control with online access to real-time event tracking and management.
To stay true to its commitment of providing the highest quality group offering and service, the Riviera knew it needed to enhance its group technology. "We are reinventing our image to attract new group business," says Ed Coffey, vice president of convention sales at the Riviera. "We needed an upgrade in our group technology and wanted to offer the best. In light of the economic uncertainty, it is imperative to stay ahead of the game to compete with the big boys. Passkey was the natural choice: It is proven to boost a hotel's group business and is becoming a standard that many planners expect hotels to offer."

With Passkey, Riviera will be able to shift a large portion of its group reservations online, where it can offer guests room upgrades to its newly renovated rooms. Moreover, Riviera will be able to automate its room list process, reducing the costs, risks and hassles associated with the manual processing of room lists. Importantly, all involved in the housing process will enjoy a better booking experience:
  • The Hotel: In addition to the cost savings, Riviera will be able to advertise and showcase its property pre-arrival, offering deals on room upgrades, extended stays, spa and restaurants. This presents an opportunity to generate significant incremental revenues.
  • The Planners: Planners will enjoy the ability to track and manage their events online via live event dashboards, helping them gain control over their housing and mitigate attrition risk.
  • The Attendees: Group guests will experience a seamless booking process from start to finish. They will enjoy having options to book their hotel online, as well as learn about what Riviera has to offer.

The Riviera Hotel and Casino will be the first hotel on the Las Vegas strip to install the 2-way version of the Passkey/Agilysys LMS interface.

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