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Rising Star's Customer-Centric Approach Pays Off for POS Software Brand

Kira Hattenbach is credited with shifting PAR PixelPoint's business model to one that's subscription-based. Under her leadership, annual recurring revenue increased by 38%, and software expenses decreased by 25% through effective contract management.
Kira Hattenbach Rising Star from PAR
Hattenbach leverages her extensive knowledge in cybersecurity and product management to spearhead initiatives in compliance and product roadmap development.
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Kira Hattenbach, GM of PixelPoint at PAR Technology, received Hospitality Technology's Rising Star in Restaurant Technology Award.

The Rising Star in Restaurant Technology Awards, sponsored by WWT Digital,  were presented  March 13 at MURTEC in Las Vegas. 


Combining Passions & Priorities 

Fintech and cybersecurity have been Hattenbach’s “longstanding passions" dating back to her college years.  aWith a background in cyber security consulting at Deloitte, she set her sights on a “dynamic and fast-paced” tech career. "My inclination towards the retail sector was further influenced by my early work experiences in restaurants as a server and my familial connection to the culinary world, notably through my grandfather who was a chef and restaurant owner,” she added.



Joining PAR was a natural progression. “Over the past 22 months at PAR, my passion for the restaurant industry has deepened, transforming into an obsession. This journey reflects my commitment to marrying my background in tech and security with my personal affinity towards the culinary world, making a career in restaurant tech an ideal pathway for me,” she explained.

In less than two years on the job, Hattenbach has proven herself to be an innovative leader who has transformed PAR PixelPoint's business model, driving impressive revenue growth and cost efficiencies.  Her colleagues point to a list of accomplishments, including shifting PixelPoint to a subscription-based business model from a perpetual license.  Under her leadership, annual recurring revenue increased by 38% and she cut software expenses by 25% through effective contract management.  Plus, her innovative marketing strategies have enhanced brand visibility and customer engagement.

Her customer-centric approach in gathering feedback and enhancing partnerships has been pivotal in strengthening PixelPoint's market position," her colleagues stated in her nomination. 

“This accomplishment underscored the power of teamwork, adaptability, and strategic planning in achieving significant business milestones."

Kira's strategic vision and execution have allowed the product to adapt to market changes, making it more competitive through expanded integrations, technology enhancements and heightened compliance."

To date, Hattenbach’s proudest moment lies in leading her team to surpass their 2023 financial goals through adaptability, customer-centricity, and strategic planning. “This accomplishment underscored the power of teamwork, adaptability, and strategic planning in achieving significant business milestones,” she explained.

Future Visions

Looking ahead, Hattennbach is closely watching self-service kiosks, which she sees increasing. “Kiosks offer a compelling solution to the persistent post-COVID challenges of staffing and resource constraints that many restaurateurs face. Their potential to streamline operations, reduce wait times, and enhance customer service efficiency is immense. The evolution of self-service kiosks could offer a more uniform customer experience and operational efficiency,” she explained.

Contactless payments: The integration of sophisticated contactless payment devices in full-service restaurants and the broader hospitality sector is set to be a game-changer, she predicts.  “Contactless can help facilitate a smoother and more secure transaction process, and adopting such devices can also provide restaurants with valuable data insights.” Plus the integration of AI, particularly generative AI, holds transformative potential in reshaping customer experiences and operational dynamics.


The Significance of Mentorship

For Hattenbach, mentorship is not just a concept but a lifeline for growth and learning. “My journey of being both a mentor and a mentee has taught me the importance of evolving guidance through different points of my career,” she said, adding that she is fortunate to have multiple mentors at PAR who are “pillars of inspiration and guidance. Observing their decision-making processes, how they treat their colleagues and team, and their strategic planning for team development has been invaluable. These role models exemplify the qualities I aspire to embody professionally.”

A Testament to Collaboration

Being nominated for and winning the Rising Star award is “a tremendous honor that reflects not just my efforts but the collective support and dedication of my entire community around me,” Hattenbach said. “I am deeply grateful to PAR for providing an environment where I can flourish, learn, and thrive amidst the challenges of a fast-paced industry. This recognition is a testament to the collaborative spirit and shared achievements of the PAR and the PixelPoint team.”  

About the Rising Star Awards

After a call for nominations, the Rising in Restaurant Technology Award winners were chosen by Hospitality Technology magazine editors and members of its Research Advisory Board. The Rising Star in Restaurant Technology and Top Women in Restaurant Technology Award winners were announced and honored during an awards program, sponsored by WWT Digital,  on March 13 at the 29th annual MURTEC (Multi-Unit Restaurant Technology Conference), in Las Vegas. 

HT will begin accepting nominations for the 2025 Rising Star in Restaurant Technology and 2025 Top Women in Restaurant Technology Awards and 2025 Rising Stars in Restaurant Technology in mid-October.

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