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The Innovator Leading a Remarkable Team

Stephanie Nardini, SVP of IT for Jersey Mike’s Franchise Systems, was awarded HT’s Top Women in Restaurant Technology - Innovator Award at MURTEC 2024 in Las Vegas.

Stephanie Nardini, SVP of IT for Jersey Mike’s Franchise Systems, was awarded HT’s Top Women in Restaurant Technology - Innovator Award at MURTEC 2024.

Nardini was one of 10 individuals honored March 13 in Las Vegas. HT’s 2024 Top Women and Rising Star in Restaurant Technology Awards were sponsored by WWT Digital. 

Nardini joined Jersey Mike’s team in 2014 as a database administrator. In 2017, Nardini received HT’s Rising Star awardOver the years, she worked her way up to Senior Vice President of Information Technology, showcasing her exceptional talent and dedication every step of the way.  

For Nardini, technology isn't just a tool—it's a vehicle for empowerment and change. "I have always been interested in technology in general," she shares. "While I wasn’t looking to get into restaurant technology specifically, I was lucky enough to find it by being in the right place at the right time." Since joining Jersey Mike’s, she has witnessed the franchise's expansion from 750 to over 3,000 locations, actively contributing to its technological evolution. During the MURTEC session, Lessons & Insights From MURTEC Award Winners, Nardini shared that Jersey Mike’s uses a lot of proprietary software created by its in-house development team.

Part of a Remarkable Team

Passionate about the human-centric potential of technology, Nardini is particularly drawn to its capacity to serve people on a grand scale. "I love how technology is used to help people," she says. "In my role at Jersey Mike’s, this means primarily our franchise owners and customers." Her dedication to leveraging technology for the betterment of these stakeholders underscores her commitment to creating meaningful change.

Nardini emphasizes that her success is not a solo endeavor but a collaborative effort within Jersey Mike's remarkable team. 

In Nardini's view, mentorship plays a pivotal role in professional development. Drawing wisdom from a diverse array of sources, she emphasizes the importance of learning from those around you. "A mentor can offer invaluable guidance at any stage of someone’s career," she reflects, highlighting the collaborative spirit that fuels her success.

Looking towards the future, Nardini is excited by the potential of AI to revolutionize restaurant technology. "I’m excited to see new and creative ways that AI will be utilized in restaurant technology," she shares, hinting at the transformative innovations on the horizon.

As a woman thriving in a traditionally male-dominated field, she takes immense pride in overcoming obstacles and cultivating resilience. "Being a female in a male-dominated profession can be challenging," she acknowledges. "I am proud of overcoming those challenges and am proud of the strength and confidence I have gained because of it. I’m grateful to Jersey Mike’s and especially our CIO, Scott Scherer, for providing opportunities and support.

About the Top Women Awards

After a call for nominations, Top Women in Restaurant Technology Award winners were chosen by Hospitality Technology magazine editors and members of its Research Advisory Board. The winners were announced and honored during an awards program, sponsored by WWT Digital,  on March 13 at the 29th annual MURTEC (Multi-Unit Restaurant Technology Conference), in Las Vegas. HT will begin accepting nominations for the 2025 Top Women in Restaurant Technology Awards and 2025 Rising Stars in Restaurant Technology in mid-October.

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