RingMD and PROVision Bring Integrated Telemedicine Platform to Hotels, Cruise Ships

Anna Wolfe
Senior Editor, Restaurants
In addition to being a contactless medical outreach solution, the RingMD telemedicine platform provides analytical insight and identifies potential hot spots in real time.

To provide last-mile assurances that travel is safe, RingMD USA Inc. has partnered with PROVision Partners International to bring telemedicine services to travelers by partnering with hotel establishments, cruise lines and other travel stakeholders.

RingMD is an advanced digital telemedicine platform designed to connect patients with medical doctors and wellness practitioners. The multi-lingual platform and telemedicine services can be accessed via a laptop, smartphone, or tablet across the globe. The cost of the service as low as $2/traveler/night paid at the time of booking. 

The service leverages the same technology and infrastructure that has delivered virtual care to diverse countries over five continents with millions of consults on the platform to date. The platform supports brand customization, adapts to varying WI-Fii strength, and can be adapted to meet changing surveillance and reporting requirements as well as best practices from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and other health authorities.

PROVision Partners  will provide full sales and customer-relationship management services and liaise between travel companies, RingMD, and its affiliate partners. 

The Doctor is ... Online

RingMD is enabling hotel guests and cruise passengers to be ‘seen’ on a computer, tablet, or smartphone by a health care practitioner within minutes and have treatment provided as needed for a fraction of typical cost of care.

From an operations and global health perspective, the RingMD platform provides analytical insight and identifies potential hot spots in real time while protecting patient privacy. The technology can be deployed to support pre-arrival and regular polling, enabling lodging and cruise operators to proactively monitor passenger or guest heath conditions if warranted. The program has been specifically designed to shield hoteliers and cruise operators from medical liability associated with patient care while demonstrating a strong commitment to safety.



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