Restaurants Use Robots to Deliver in Korea

Anna Wolfe
Senior Editor, Restaurants

A robot delivery service between restaurants and an apartment complex has launched in Korea. 

Woowa Brothers Corp., parent company of Baedal Minjok food delivery platform, has started a delivery service using self-driving outdoor delivery robot, Dilly Drive, at an apartment complex in Gwanggyo, Suwon City in Korea.

The 1,100 residents can order from the restaurants within the apartment complex by just opening the Baemin app and scanning QR codes in their houses. Orders can also be made at the plaza within the complex, using QR codes placed on outdoor tables.

When there's an order, the five Dilly Drives go from the station to the restaurant. And once the restaurant staff places the food in Dilly Drive and press 'go' button, the robot starts the delivery. Customers can check the current location of Dilly Drive via the app and get notifications 100m before and upon arrival. Customers can receive food either on the first floor of the building or at the designated outdoor table in the plaza.

Dilly Dilly

With its 6 wheels, Dilly Drive walks in the speed of 4-5 km per hour, about the same speed as a human. Once charged, it can run for more than 8 hours, and with its headlights, it can deliver at night as well. Dilly Drive can carry about 6 lunch boxes or 12 cups of beverages per delivery.

In November 2019, Woowa Brothers has conducted a month-long pilot test in Konkuk University campus to commercialize Dilly Drive. At the time, Dilly Drive has carried out more than 2,000 deliveries and improved its service quality. Woowa Brothers has been working together with SK Telecom to conduct tests to build the control system crucial to outdoor delivery robot service.

The outdoor delivery robot service via Dilly Drive is going to be a new source of income for restaurant and café owners. 


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