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RestaurantOps Launches a Free Version of Its Mobile App

RestaurantOps, an employee scheduling and HR platform for restaurants, said it is releasing a free version of its mobile application: Front of House. This version allows employees to find their place of work and communicate to coworkers who are already signed up. The release of Front Of House marks their first foray into freemium territory.
According to RestaurantOps, millennials are more likely to actively use its app actively.  By providing millennials with a free way to do so, the company hopes to show restaurant managers the advantages of offering employees a mobile communication platform.
Operating in a way that is similar to Slack, RestaurantOps hopes employee use will drive adoption among restaurant managers.  Instead of using company emails, like Slack, users subscribe to their working location.  Once subscribed to their place of work, users can communicate with other users at that location without any management intervention.
The app was built from the ground up with hourly workers in mind. In addition to sending messages and text, Front of House allows users to view a photograph of their weekly calendar, as well as trade shifts.  The free version offers some notification capabilities for management, but managers will have to upgrade to the paid version in order to control shift swaps and communications.
Front of House is available on both Android and iOS.
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