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Restaurant365 Introduces Recovery Toolkit


Restaurant365 released an additional set of tools designed to stimulate restaurant recovery. Restaurant365’s new features address the key areas currently facing restaurants: re-hiring, staffing, customer safety, delivery and profitability.

Restaurant365 fast tracked these enhancements specifically to help restaurants emerge successfully from the COVID-19 health crisis:

  • The Profitability Report analyzes which restaurant locations will maintain profitability, break even, or lose money based on their trending sales and expenses.
  • Order Mode Profitability Dashboard reports profitability by service type and delivery provider (e.g. DoorDash vs. Uber Eats). Users can see a clear view of on-premise and off-premise performance and can drill down to the menu item level to see their most and least profitable menu items by segment.
  • Smart Labor optimizes labor by creating custom labor models. Operators see pre-populated, intelligent labor recommendations for each hour directly on the scheduler.
  • Health and Sanitation Checklist helps restaurants prepare for reopening. Users now have access to an editable manager log task list with daily activities that promote health and sanitation.
  • Hire helps operators ramp up hiring as they reopen. Built for restaurants, it provides easy-to-use templates, posts to multiple job sites, and facilitates screening and onboarding forms.

Essentials for a smart restaurant recovery are available at Restaurant365’s Recovery Resource Center. Additional information on Restaurant365 is available at

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