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Restaurant Technology Network Launches COVID-19 Off-Prem Workgroup

RTN's newest workgroup, COVID-19 Off-Premises Playbook, explores ow restaurants can stay open for business via a myriad of off-premises business models, as well as the technology fueling them.
Dates: Thursdays at 3:00 pm CT (weekly)
Due to COVID-19, restaurants are faced with the unprecedented challenge to transform their businesses on a dime, changing every possible way they serve customers with immediate urgency, or risk closing their doors either temporarily or forever. RTN's COVID-19 Off-Prem Playbook Workgroup brings together key tech contributors to ideate around real-world examples, resources and references, covering topics such as Communications / Signage, Curbside / Pick-Up, Delivery, Payments, Alcohol Sales, Grocerant Concept, Bulk Meals, Safety, Creative Concepts, etc. The workgroup will also ideate around ways restaurants can pivot fast to embrace off-prem tech now and for the long-term. This collaboration will produce a master COVID-19 Off-Prem Playbook designed to be a go-to reference for restaurants looking to pivot quickly from serving customers on-site to a completely off-premises business model. The ultimate goal of this workgroup is to keep restaurants open for business in every conceivable way for as long as possible during this crisis and beyond.
RTN Workgroups are currently open to members only. However, if you'd like to test-drive the workgroup, reach out to Angela Diffly at [email protected]


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