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Restaurant Chain Saves Thousands with Energy Management

Not Your Average Joe’s restaurant chain has reported that it has saved thousands of dollars on energy bills per location during its first year of operation since rolling out Powerhouse Dynamics’ eMonitor energy and asset management system. Because energy is an overhead expense, the savings is all the more impactful since each and every dollar saved is pure profit. Furthermore, the system paid for itself during that first year.
Not Your Average Joe’s is a rapidly growing, Boston-area-based casual, American-style chain.  The chain is among the first customers of the eMonitor product specifically tailored to meet the needs of small commercial facilities such as restaurants.  It remotely controls heating and cooling and helps identify equipment-related issues before they turn into major problems.  It analyzes every electric load in a facility and delivers real-time intelligence to weed out unnecessary energy spending. The eMonitor can also monitor natural gas and water usage as well as temperatures and other key variables tied to energy conservation. 
For Not Your Average Joe’s, the system delivered savings across the board including reduced equipment use during non-business hours, better equipment scheduling, and early identification of equipment problems. Its remote control of HVAC systems facilitated a balance between cost and guest comfort, with total first-year savings came in at more than 10 percent of the overall energy spend.
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