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Responsive AI Hologram Concierge Launched By VNTANA and Satisfi Labs

Augmented Reality hologram company VNTANA, and Satisfi Labs, an intelligent engagement platform, announced the launch of the first-ever artificial intelligence hologram concierge for retail, sports and hospitality. The industry-first experience allows the hologram to react and respond to consumers' questions without the need for wearables or a touchscreen device while collecting data on the consumer. The hologram concierge is powered by VNTANA's patented hardware and software that projects an interactive 3D persona who answers questions based on Satisfi Labs' custom AI.

For retail, the technology enables you to automatically respond to your customers' real-time wants & needs, providing immediate value while driving revenue. The hologram concierge will not only answer consumer questions, but will use the data it collects to seamlessly tie eCommerce with brick and mortar to increase sales and deliver personalized advertisements. For example, it can welcome you into a store, tell you the hours of operation, highlight deals available, direct you to what you're looking for and promote retail venues in mall.

At sporting events, the hologram, who can be an actual player, can direct fans to their favorite concessions or help them find their seats. For hospitality clients, guests can check into their room and get restaurant recommendations and even make a reservation.

How does the Hologram Concierge work?

  • The consumer stands in front of the hologram display and the concierge greets them with a custom message.
  • The consumer asks a question, the hologram listens and immediately responds appropriately.
  • The system uses facial recognition to track consumer data and record the conversation to determine product preferences.


This latest visualization of an AI personality is just a stepping stone for how brands can further customize a consumer's experience in a fun interactive format. Sentiment analysis will be available post-launch to help identify distressed customers which can then be rerouted to the best suited responders.

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