ResortSuite and Shift4 Partner to Deliver Secure Full-Service Experience

ResortSuite, guest-centric hospitality management software solutions, and Shift4 Corporation, provider of the DOLLARS ON THE NET® payment gateway, have partnered to provide the most secure full-service hospitality solution available on the market. Even with the strictest adherence to PCI compliance, the hospitality industry is at significant risk to breach, as thieves have set their sights on the low hanging fruit of frail interfaces between fragmented systems. The only way to truly mitigate this risk is to remove credit card data entirely from the vulnerable ecosystem of hotel software.
ResortSuite and Shift4 have integrated their solutions to the point where credit card data is encrypted at the credit card device through Point to Point Encryption (P2PE). Unencrypted card data never enters the computer memory, network or Oracle database. When credit card information must be keyed into the system, it is first sent directly to Shift4’s datacenter, where it is tokenized. This token is then sent back to ResortSuite to be stored on a guest’s file for use for up to two years.
ResortSuite supports P2PE devices for both card-present (EMV-capable pin pads & encrypted cardswipes) and card-not present (encrypted keypads with swipe) transactions. Card data, be it swiped, keyed, chip-read or entered online is encrypted at the source with devices injected with shared-keys only provided to Shift4. ResortSuite’s full support of Shift4’s TrueTokenization®, True P2PE™, EMV and i4Go® (for online transaction security) makes it the most integrated and secure platform for fullservice hotels and resorts available today.
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