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Resort Improves Guest Response Times, Staff Communication and Property Maintenance with SaaS

Pier South Beach Resort, a Marriott Autograph Collection hotel, has rolled out HOTELbeat management solutions to provide the property with the ultimate staff communications and task management tool. Implemented shortly after the resort's construction in January 2014, HOTELbeat offers Pier South a Cloud-native and mobile-friendly solution that grants instant, up-to-date and detailed access to the current status of all tasks and issues affecting the property and guests; by assigning  tasks according to department and/or employee(s), HOTELbeat also eliminates backlog and the risk of staff oversight.
As a fully electronic solution, the system drastically reduces paper waste, while creating a far more efficient form of recordkeeping. Important guest facing issues no longer slip through the cracks or get forgotten. With HOTELbeat's integrated mobile solution, every employee is accountable and guests receive a level of service that exceeds their expectations.  

As the industry is rapidly transitioning to Cloud-based electronic tools, keeping up with the changes and remaining competitive can be a challenge for select service properties with limited staff and resources. HOTELbeat is leading the way by providing inexpensive, intuitive, easy to use solutions to tradtionally time consuming and inefficient processes.

Benefiting from HOTELbeat's real-time capability, Pier South's leadership is provided with a window that constantly monitors when a guest has made a request, which staff member it has been assigned to and what the current status of the request is. This is facilitated by separating the platform's dashboard into guest-driven tickets and property-related task tickets. The feature is even further enhanced by HOTELbeat's texting capability that allows guests to SMS requests directly to the program's dashboard from their mobile phone, completely bypassing the overworked front desk.
Recognizing the hospitality industry's diverse employment base, HOTELbeat offers multilingual functionality by automatically translating all communications based on what an employee has selected as a native language within their user profile. Often an issue that may affect property-wide adoption of a software platform, HOTELbeat ensures that all staff members receive the same streamlined, easy-to-understand experience.

Knowing that front line employees are the nexus for everything that happens facing the guest, yet are often the least empowered and ill equipped to effectively and efficiently manage problems, HOTELbeat gives them the tools to deliver a superior guest experience without adding additional work or complexity.
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