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Reservation System Connects Restaurants with Diners

The Chicago dining scene is about to change in a big way, with the launch of Table Host, a concierge service for premium dining (patent pending). Table Host brings diners exclusive access to last minute reservations on its website or through a personal dining concierge, or "host". Table Host offers a selection of high-end dining options including unique VIP experiences, last minute accommodations, and priority seating.  Membership is free and diners are able to reserve online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week or by phone. 
Restaurants work with Table Host in a similar way to high-end hotel concierges.  Table Host works to give local clientele the service of a hotel concierge, without the hassles of back and forth phone calls.  This allows Table Host diners to easily celebrate special moments with top-notch dining experiences without having to check into a hotel in their own hometown.
Table Host benefits restaurants by connecting them with diners that are passionate about going to their specific restaurant. After signing up at, members can make reservations at fine dining restaurants in a few easy steps. After the diner selects a reservation online or contacts his or her host directly, the diner pays Table Host to hold the reservation for $40 and up. Table Host ensures that a premier table has been reserved, and the diner simply arrives at the restaurant to use the scheduled reservation. The partner restaurant, in turn, has more confidence that the diner will use the reservation, as well as gains access to Table Host’s elite members.  
Table Host uses cutting-edge, patent pending technology and the personal hosting system to guarantee satisfaction and results. With over 30 restaurant partners at launch, Table Host is able to provide access to a variety of restaurants in Chicago, and adding more daily.  

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