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Research Reveals Ideal Number of Monthly Email Marketing Messages

Paytronix Systems, Inc. announced the first research brief in a new series from its Data Insights team: “Extracting Customer Insights from Big Data.” The new research brief shows that for peak value email marketers should send six emails per subscriber, per month—sliding up or down depending on the retail/restaurant concept and guest visit frequency. These customer engagement insights are published in the first of a series of Paytronix Data Insights Reports, which are designed to help restaurants and retailers learn how to leverage their data insights and marketing innovations to increase customer visits and spend.
Read the Paytronix Research Brief for insights on the best number of emails for your business:
Extracting Customer Insights from Big Data
While there will be variations from customer to customer and from month to month, 5.75 emails per month is the ideal volume where the average email strategy reaches peak effectiveness. The Paytronix research brief explains how to practically apply this knowledge for different marketing efforts, and how relevancy increases open rate. The report clarifies how high-frequency concepts like a convenience store or coffee shop benefit from sending more emails per month, while fine dining and lower-frequency retail operations must be more cautious with a lower rate of email campaigns.
Paytronix embraces Big Data, bringing together POS data, loyalty, social media and other disparate data sources to discover new opportunities for compelling visits and spending, efficiently identifying and automating 1-1 guest engagement. This report from the Paytronix Data Insights analyst research team is provided to help customers uncover actionable insights from disparate data sources, for more effective use of their marketing budget, which ultimately results in happier, more loyal guests.
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