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Report Reveals that 78% of Restaurant Operators Look at Metrics Daily

With consumer preferences morphing due to more millennial market share and
a culture obsessed with binging and instant gratification, nearly every industry
has seen massive technology advancements over the past several decades. The restaurant industry, however, has been a little late to the party.

Toast’s third annual Restaurant Technology Industry Report shares data to bridge the gap between diner preferences and restaurateur perspectives. Toast talked to both restaurateurs and restaurant-goers to know
the difference between how they perceive restaurant technology.

Key findings include:

  • 78 percent of restaurant operators look at metrics and finances every day.
  • 95 percent of restaurateurs agree that technology improves business efficiency;
  • One-third of restaurateurs plan on upgrading their POS technology
    within 1-12 months, while one-fourth updated within the past year. 
  • 81 percent of diners used a restaurant’s website to place an online order; and,
  • 82 percent of diners go out to eat at least once a week.
  • Three restaurant technology features were the most important to both restaurant-goers and restaurateurs: Online ordering, Loyalty programs and Guest wifi

To access the full report, visit Restaurant Technology in 2017.

Survey Methodology:

2,206 individuals gave complete responses to the 2017 Restaurant Technology survey. Of the respondents, 3% were under age 18, 69% were 18-39, 22% were 40-59, and 6% were age 60+. 59% were female, 37% were male, and 4% identified as other or preferred not to respond.

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