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Report Reveals 36% of Deskless Workers Want to Quit Their Jobs

The Deskless Report spotlights the disconnect between deskless workers and their employers, providing a picture of what workers want and how organizations are missing the mark.

Nudge, the leader in frontline employee communication, today announces the launch of The Deskless Report which examines the state of America's deskless workforce. Surveying both workers and leaders, this inaugural report uncovers critical communication and feedback gaps that exist between deskless employees and their corporate leaders, contributing to ongoing challenges of staff turnover and workforce disengagement.

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Infographic from Nudge
The Nudge Deskless Report examines the state of America's deskless workforce, surveying both leaders and workers for key insights.

"The Deskless Report shows us that deskless organizations have some work to do. Coming out of the pandemic, we're seeing more urgency to meet the needs of deskless and frontline workers - the same needs they've had for years. Now it's time for deskless leaders to give this workforce the tools, knowledge, and support they need to really thrive," said Lindsey Goodchild, Co-founder & CEO of Nudge.

Key Findings:

  • There's a disconnect on effectiveness of communications - 59% of workers said communications they receive are somewhat to not at all useful vs. 86% of leaders who feel that they're sending meaningful, quality communications.
  • Feedback is important but lacking - 67% of deskless workers said that feedback is very or extremely important to them, but 39% don't feel heard by their organization.
  • Purpose is important - After compensation, the #1 driver of engagement and motivation for deskless workers is a sense of purpose or meaning at work.
  • Employee experience will be prioritized - 65% of deskless leaders plan to invest more energy or budget into their overall employee experience in 2022.

[Want to know how some great strategies for helping to improve upon these common issues with your deskless workers? Check out our Day 2 opening keynote from #HTNEXT 2021 where Dr. Deborah Gilboa, MD spoke about this exact topic!]

"As we navigate the new normal, organizations are looking to combat The Great Resignation. But they're also looking to drive productivity, engagement, operational efficiency … the list goes on. All of these shifts start with us recognizing the unique challenges facing both deskless workers and leaders," stated Goodchild.

For an in-depth look at the findings read The Deskless Report here.

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