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Referral App Connects Job Seekers with Restaurant Jobs

Red Book Connect has announced the launch of HotSchedules Post, a new mobile app that connects restaurateurs and job seekers in their area, enabling them to find and fill jobs with qualified people they trust through referrals. The app allows users to post and share jobs and applicant profiles and soon they will also be able to provide peer and employer endorsements. The app is launching in the Austin area as a free download on the iTunes and Google Play stores and will roll out to other cities later this year.
With over 13.5 million employees in the U.S., the restaurant industry employs approximately 10 percent of the total U.S. workforce and is expected to add 1.3 million jobs over the next decade. However, the industry is one of the least sophisticated when it comes to efficient hiring and has one of highest average turnover rates at over 60 percent. The restaurant industry is urgently in need of a better way to hire, use, track and reward referrals that identify the right candidates.   
When it comes to hiring the best candidates, referred job candidates are three to four times more likely to be hired. First year retention is also highest for referred candidates.
Since referrals are the best source of talent, and most of these in-demand employees already have jobs, HotSchedules Post provides a better way for restaurants to attract top candidates and encourage referrals, providing an alternative to expensive and inefficient job boards or relying on walk-in applicants.
The new HotSchedules Post app was built specifically to create a community where restaurants can post jobs, job seeker can create profiles and the community can provide referrals. 
The HotSchedules Post app benefits both sides of the hiring relationship. Restaurant managers can create a restaurant profile, promote their brand via live updates, post jobs, search and view user profiles, share job openings with employees and followers and track candidate referrals. Current and potential employees can build their profile including resumes, connect with friends and peers to help them get interviews, research and follow restaurants, and receive job notifications, apply via one click on their mobile device and share job opportunities with their friends.
HotSchedules Post is seamlessly integrated for existing HotSchedules customers so they can hire, train and schedule all in one place.
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