Red Roof Targets “Passionists” Travelers with Special Incentives and Discounts


A new subset of travelers are road-tripping across the country to attend, compete in, or experience their favorite passions first-hand, 'The Passionists'. Red Roof, known for listening and responding quickly to consumer needs and wants, is catering to these growing, and diverse communities of passion travelers. The Passionists are the convention, conference and event travelers who are avid gaming geeks, compete in obstacle course races, follow cornhole contests, dress up in cosplay, among many other hobbies and interests – and may use their Paid Time Off (PTO) to attend these events. Other travelers who aren't in the workforce make careers out of following their passionate pastimes.

Passionate travelers are looking to not only get away, but to also find affordable and easy accommodations along the way. And while they may be working with a small budget, the desire to travel and tap into passion-driven activities will continue to increase. Research shows that even in a tight economy, people will not give up what they love to do. In 2019, 42% of travelers' plan to visit a destination that makes them feel like a child again for more traditional thrill-seeking adventures. Red Roof is enticing these travelers with special incentives and discounts rewarding them for indulging in their love for sporting events, competitions and conventions. As they hit the road, Red Roofs are their Budget Heroes, offering a 15% discount at locations across the country, while using the brand's 'Along the Route' feature found on the Budget Heroes website, to instantly find a Red Roof property as they go to and from conventions.

"Whether it's the passion of dressing up in cosplay at comic conventions or the thrill of being the first to build up to 21 points in a cornhole competition, passionate pursuits are driving a segment of travel that Red Roof is addressing with targeted events and promotions," says Marina MacDonald, Chief Marketing Officer for Red Roof. "Gamers and comic book fans in particular, are loyal, devout Passionists and Red Roof knows that affordable lodging is key as they travel across the country to attend some of their favorite happenings."

To further elevate the conversation with comic book fans and the geek community across the U.S., Red Roof is teaming up with ReedPOP, a global producer of pop culture events. Starting in March and ending in October at New York Comic-Con, Red Roof will participate at key gaming and comic book conventions including Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo (C2E2) in Chicago, and PAX West in Seattle, kicking off 'Red Roof's Road to New York Comic Con' sweepstakes. As part of the sweepstakes, fans can enter to win the ultimate VIP fan experience by The grand prize will include roundtrip airfare, a VIP pass to New York Comic-Con, a meet and greet celebrity experience, spending money and a stay at Red Roof's newest Red Collection property in New York, Lord & Moris Times Square Hotel. Sweepstakes winners will be selected mid-September.

Additional promotions and partnerships appealing to the Passionist communities will continue throughout the year.

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