Red e App Moves Shift Swapping Into Digital Age

Red e App, a mobile platform for internal communications, added a shifts functionality to its app. Companies using the shifts feature can enable their employees to post and swap shifts in a private and secure forum. Within the app, employees can post and pick up shifts, and managers can review, approve and decline requests.
For most hourly workers, shift swapping is conducted on a bulletin board or maybe a private Facebook group. The antiquated bulletin board method does not provide private, secure and real-time communications for employees or their managers. Red e App’s shifts feature moves shift swapping into the digital age.
According to Red e App customers working in hourly environments, shift coverage is their number one priority. That priority now has a solution that provides oversight and accountability to the company.
The shift swapping functionality now lives in Red e App’s already robust communications platform. The enhancement is intended to greatly improve operational efficiency by cutting down on staffing gaps, overtime expenditures, and simple time spent on scheduling and rescheduling by managers.
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