Rebel Hospitality Chooses Infor Hospitality to Deliver Great Guest Experiences

Michal Christine Escobar
Senior Editor, Hotels

Infor, a cloud company, announced that Rebel Hospitality, a rapidly-growing hospitality management company that specializes in independent and lifestyle hotel properties, has selected Infor Hospitality to provide hospitality management solutions for its growing property base. Specifically, by working with Infor, Rebel Hospitality has access to agile cloud-based tools that help it better serve guests and achieve competitive positioning in an evolving industry. Infor will provide New York-based Rebel Hospitality with easy access to valuable incoming data that can quickly be turned into action. By being able to operate on one system for all guest and hotel data, Rebel teams can stay on top of all the little details that enable a great guest experience. 

“Our team is dedicated to provided uncommon, unforgettable experiences to our guests. With Rebel’s unique management platform and comprehensive technology platform, we are able to ensure that every guest touchpoint – from booking through to the end of their stay – is dynamic, intuitive, and memorable,” said Craig Franco, Rebel Hospitality vice president of revenue & distribution. “By partnering with Infor, we are able to streamline our administrative efficiencies so that our staff can focus on creating these unique interactions with guests.”

Infor HMS is a specialized, multi-departmental property management platform for the hospitality industry that integrates front-office and on-property technology to better manage room availability, dynamic pricing, and guest profiles to boost profitability and maintain a competitive edge. The suite of solutions has the ability to unify multiple hotel functions into a single application, allowing hotels to consolidate information on the performance of multiple properties, create customized reports and ultimately make better forecasts and business decisions. Properties in the Rebel Hospitality portfolio will be able to better track guest preferences, simplify reservations and provide consistent quality and services.

“The current state of travel is very different than many hoteliers are used to – adopting to ever-changing guest needs, creating no-contact stay experiences, and the need for in-depth analysis of how a property is doing, at any given time, for forecasting, marketing, and even staffing,” said Jason Floyd, Infor Hospitality general manager. “Infor’s hospitality-specific solutions are helping leading hoteliers, such as Rebel Hospitality, maximize revenue potential, streamline operations and build a better guest experience.”

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