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RBI Creates New Role to Innovate in Digital Technology

Restaurant Brands International, which owns Burger King, Popeye's and Tim Horton, is hoping to capture the type of digital success that Starbucks and McDonald's have achieved.

Recognizing the need to innovate in the digital and technology arena, Restaurant Brands International (RBI) created the chief technology and development officer role, elevating former CFO Josh Kobza to the position.

“Josh’s track record of success in his most recent role includes not only building a strong finance team but also leading the ambitious expansion of our brands globally,” said RBI CEO Daniel Schwartz. “This new challenge will allow him to continue to have a big impact on our success, in perhaps the most critical area of any consumer business today, by leading our digital and technology efforts globally for all three brands.”

Kobza will be tasked with enhancing the guest experience through technology and innovation. Kobza will continue to lead the global development of RBI brands, which include BURGER KING®, TIM HORTONS® and POPEYES®, around the world.

“I’m personally very excited for this new challenge and the opportunity to focus more intensely on our restaurants and guests,” Kobza said. “In this rapidly-changing market with many innovative new technologies becoming available to our industry, I’m looking forward to finding new ways technology can help us enhance the experience millions of guests have when they interact with our brands every day.”

Matt will replace Kobza as the new CFO. Dunnigan has successfully led all of RBI’s capital markets activities over the past years. An experienced and natural successor, he has served as treasurer of RBI since Oct. 2014.

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