Burger King Franchisee Cuts Employee Turnover

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Burger King Franchisee Cuts Employee Turnover

Team Schostak Family Restaurants ("Team Schostak"), a Burger King franchisee with 59 Burger King Restaurants and several other concepts, including Del Taco, expands its rollout of the JobApp Network hiring solution. The decision to renew and expand its agreement with JobApp Network was based on the results of a highly successful initial rollout in February 2008.

Team Schostak Family Restaurants selected JobApp Network to reduce turnover and improve both the customer and employee experience. Additionally, Team Schostak sought a single partner who would also be able to deliver fully integrated assessments, background checks, and tax credit screening and processing.

JobApp Network provided a complete phone and web-based hiring solution for Team Schostak. By utilizing JobApp, Team Schostak is able to improve its competitive hiring advantages and enable applicants to apply by phone or web, 24x7. Underscoring the importance of JobApp's phone and web-based solution, 41.4% of all applicants at Team Schostak chose to apply by phone, while 58.6% applied by web.

"We are extremely pleased with the results of the JobApp solution and our managers love the simplicity of the 5-star applicant ranking scale and the fact that it saves them time. As the COO, I appreciate the impact of the solution on our bottom line by reducing turnover, cost-per-hire and training expense," says Bill Angott, the chief operating officer of Team Schostak Family Restaurants. "We compared hiring results between JobApp locations and non-JobApp locations in the same areas during the same 5 month timeframe and found that the JobApp locations experienced over a 50% decline in turnover."