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Ramada Plaza Waikiki Adds Convenience of Mobile Device Charger to all Guestrooms

The Ramada Plaza Waikiki recently added Bittel's new Classic Charger to all guestroom phones. This simple attachment is enabling the property to equip its guests with two high powered USB ports for charging mobile devices. In addition, the hotel opted to add Bittel's popular Multi-Charging Cable which features four connectors, one for Apple traditional (iPhone 4s and older), one for Apple Lightning (iPhone 6 and 5 plus new iPad), and two Micro USB (Android, Blackberry and Windows) charging.
Guests can plug the Bittel Classic Charger into phones right on the bed stand and can set their alarms on their phones without fear of depleting their batteries. Plus, it is right near the bed and they can reach it easily.
If the guest has been taking pictures all day, they can download them onto their laptop and look at them right away while sitting in bed. Both their camera and their laptop can be plugged in at the same time.  
Released to the market just last month, the Bittel Classic Charger is compatible with nearly all guestroom phones; no lamps, outlets, or furniture mods are required. By mounting this charging component to the bottom of the guestroom phone, it doesn't take up additional space and it's still easily visible to the guest. Plus, it's attached to existing equipment that already sits at either the bedside or the desktop, making it extremely convenient for mobile device charging. It's what every guest wants and every property needs -- plus it's at a price point that all properties can afford.
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