Qu's New Features Include In-Store Cloud

Anna Wolfe
Senior Editor, Restaurants
a person standing in front of a table

Qu's new additions to its platform include Kitchen Solution, a native Kiosk Solution and the In-Store Cloud.

Qu’s native Kitchen Solution, Kitchen Compass, provides in-kitchen and above-store visibility to all orders irrespective of their source. The solution allows restaurant teams to more efficiently manage and optimize production capacity and volume between their omni-channel orders.

A Flexible Kiosk
According to Hospitality Technology's 2022 POS Software Trends report58% of restaurants say enabling self-service options (such as kiosks) are drivers impacting POS upgrades in 2022

Qu's native Kiosk can serve two distinct order-entry roles: staff-facing or guest-facing. Use it as a traditional stand-alone kiosk, or as a POS-to-Kiosk hybrid device by flipping it on the fly. This  dual purpose empowers in-store teams to pivot roles based on guest traffic and labor availability. More importantly, it saves restaurant owners the added cost of purchasing a stand-alone kiosk.

Qu’s In-Store Cloud completes Qu’s Commerce Cloud architecture by bringing the public cloud into the store using Edge Computing. Qu’s In-Store Cloud delivers fast transaction processing, and enhanced data redundancy. All in-store order taking devices—from POS to handheld tablets or guest-facing kiosks—smartly and transparently switch between Qu’s in-store and public cloud. Applying edge computing to Qu’s local cloud helps operators set the stage for future technology additions, leveraging AI/ML to empower dynamic pricing, promotions, voice ordering and more.

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