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Punchh and Olo Announce Partnership

Punchh, the restaurant industry’s Mobile Engagement & Insights Platform, announced today an official partnership with Olo, the digital ordering provider for 150+ restaurant brands across the nation.
As a foundation of the partnership, Punchh and Olo have developed full integrations between their respective platforms. This combination now tightly couples Olo’s digital ordering with Punchh’s CRM and Mobile Engagement Suite (loyalty, offers, and more) for restaurant brands that choose both platforms.
In the first of several forthcoming projects featuring native Olo ordering integration, Punchh has launched the new MOOYAH Burgers, Fries, & Shakes mobile application for iOS and Android. The new apps provide customers with a seamless user experience for loyalty and ordering, enabling guests to earn and redeem rewards in-store or via digital ordering - functionality made possible by Punchh’s Single Sign On (SSO) and Loyalty API technology.
The launch of this combination now provides restaurants using Olo & Punchh with a comprehensive set of offer capabilities at their disposal to drive online orders, including %-off, $-off and SKU-level promotions.
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