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Provi, SevenFifty Complete Integration

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Provi, a B2B ecommerce marketplace in the beverage alcohol industry, announced today it has completed the first phase of integration between Provi and SevenFifty for its new expanded marketplace.

The integration brings Provi’s and SevenFifty’s distributor portfolio data into a single marketplace for all three tiers of the industry. In order to create a more streamlined and simplified experience for on-premise and off-premise buyers and distributors, Provi will offer a single login and experience for buyers nationwide by the end of 2022. The SevenFifty distributor platform, used by thousands of reps every day, will remain unchanged, continuing to offer a robust set of sales tools and content services.

“Provi and SevenFifty have the shared goal of better connecting all three tiers of the beverage alcohol industry,” said Taylor Katzman, founder and CEO of Provi. “SevenFifty has spent the last decade thoughtfully building innovative tools for distributor sales reps while creating a highly detailed wine and spirits content database. Integrating these distributor portfolios into Provi’s marketplace brings us one step closer to providing a more thorough and efficient experience for both on- and off-premise buyers.”

In January, Provi announced it was joining forces with SevenFifty to create a
unified and expanded marketplace for the beverage alcohol industry. The
integration comes with a shared focus on digital transformation and will
provide a robust ecommerce marketplace and distributor toolkit to streamline
operations for licensed buyers and distributor sales reps.

The full integration will have a phased rollout with a commitment to providing the utmost customer service throughout the transition period of moving on- and off-premise buyers into the expanded marketplace.

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