Protel, Posera Integrate Cloud PMS and POS Solution for Hotels

protel, a provider of cloud-based advanced hospitality systems, and Posera, a global hospitality industry software company, announce the integration of protel's property management system (PMS) and the Maitre'D point-of-sale solution (POS), which aims to offer hoteliers a complete property management solution.

protel and Posera have developed a two-way interfacing system, expected to create a powerful and flexible management platform which allows free communication within a complex hospitality framework. Hospitality properties can communicate guest and billing information through protel's cloud PMS, protel's Enterprise Hospitality Platform, and food and beverage venues through the feature-rich Maitre'D POS, reconciling sales data and consolidating sales reporting across the property or property group.

In recent years, Posera has developed PMS interface APIs for its Maitre'D POS for a holistic view of every aspect of an operation. Maitre'D POS supports all facets of a hotel's F&B operations in thousands of properties across dozens of countries. Maitre'D integrates with PMS systems across 16 revenue categories and includes a user-friendly modular back-office for menu updating, employee management, and real-time cloud reporting.

protel's PMS is built upon its Enterprise Hospitality Platform technology, protel.IO. The PMS platform is designed for flexibility and scalability, making it easy for hotels to implement new initiatives and enabling them to continuously improve the guest experience using system speed, functionality, and efficiency.

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