Protea Hotels Taps Alloso Technologies to Consolidate Financial Information for Portfolio of 125+ Properties

Protea Hotels, a leading hotel group in Africa, has partnered with Alloso Technologies to implement its hospitality business intelligence platform, the Portfolio One system.

Alloso's Portfolio One is a web-based financial reporting and business intelligence platform that consolidates information from many different hospitality and hotel brand systems. It provides in-depth financial reporting, expense management, and analytical capabilities for hotel management companies and asset managers. Portfolio One collects, filters, and analyzes information to facilitate successful expense containment and proactive decision-making.

Protea Hotels has an extensive network of hotels in Africa, with more than 125 hotels in nine countries on the African continent. Some of their hotels are Protea-owned, while others are under management or franchise agreements. Prior to purchasing Portfolio One, the biggest challenge that the management team at Protea faced was the consolidation of disparate information from all of their hotels. They were looking for a flexible, affordable solution that could analyze information from many financial systems, each with different operational models.

Bryan Mulliner, strategic development and revenue director of Protea Hotels, says: "Portfolio One was the only product on the market that could achieve the consolidation of information that we needed. It has dramatically streamlined operations, reduced labor costs, and provided valuable insights into our business."

In addition, Protea had been planning to implement several costly systems projects including a corporate intranet and complex financial reporting. Since Porfolio One includes a corporate intranet, Protea was able to combine multiple internal projects for a fraction of the cost. Portfolio One's open architecture allowed easy integration into Protea's existing systems, and provides flexibility to address business challenges in the future.

Protea Hotels has a strategic spread of hotels throughout South Africa, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Tanzania, Malawi, Nigeria, Namibia, Zambia, Kenya, Uganda, and Ghana. Negotiations are currently underway regarding Protea's expansion into other African regions on both the East and West coasts of Africa.

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