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Product Spotlight: Introducing Order Experience Builder

A fast, easy, and cost-effective way to build branded digital ordering sites.

Company: ​​​Paytronix Systems
Product: ​​Order Experience Builder
Contact: 617-649-3300, ext. 5


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Paytronix Order Experience Builder in action.

Order Experience Builder empowers restaurants and convenience stores to deploy customized digital guest experiences without the associated cost. A native feature of Paytronix Order & Delivery, brands can use Order Experience Builder to fully customize their digital storefront, working from a variety of templates without compromising on flexibility.

As restaurants and c-stores grow into the digital future, they need tools to provide the same authentic experience online, as in person. With Order Experience Builder, brands have the freedom to control every aspect of their online experience, from menu layout to brand scheme. Where brands have previously turned to third-party designers and developers, Order Experience Builder provides affordable, hands-on tools to build a digital storefront without the ongoing overhead of a custom site.

Without a customized digital ordering website, many brands struggle to provide an aesthetic and user-friendly experience outside of a mobile app. Order Experience builder enables brands to engage the valuable customers who will engage digitally but not download a mobile app with an incredibly smooth experience that accommodates loyalty, order history, and a host of other features for added guest personalization.

After launching a digital storefront with Order Experience Builder, brands can continue to grow and take advantage of enterprise-grade innovations, without raising the cost of ownership. These innovations include recommendation engines powered by machine learning and the latest digital-ordering architecture. These innovations rely, however, on keeping guests returning. Order Experience Builder exists to create those 'wow' moments from the first click, and many more.

Too many of today's brands are faced with a difficult choice: whether to build a site through a restrictive white-label product or to pay a premium for a custom design. Order Experience Builder empowers brands to truly own their digital guest engagement solution, building a unique site in an affordable and accessible way.

“Brand is important to us because the market is filled with restaurants that are all very similar to one another. People come to Ninja City not just because of our great food, but because of the experience and the cool vibe. Everything we do is on brand and needs to be consistent. Order Experience Builder gives us a proven platform that we can customize with a look and feel that comes straight from the Ninja City brand. Plus, it enables us to keep that brand consistency without having to spend tens of thousands of dollars on a developer.” —Dylan Fallon, owner of Ninja City

“At-a-Glance” Information

Solution: Food Ordering and Delivery Software System

Top 5 Most Innovative Features:

  • Low-cost of ownership. Implement new features as soon as they are available without the time or cost of the third party to update your site.
  • Agility. Add seasonal graphics, update branding and other design refreshes without waiting for changes.
  • Payments. Provide a number of frictionless payment options, including Google and Apple Pay, for your guests and enjoy higher conversion rates.
  • Native Loyalty and Gift Features. Remove points of failure from your tech stack with a digital ordering platform that includes native, world-class loyalty and gift solutions.
  • Mobile Apps. Brand our white-label app or build a customized one that enables your guests to order, make payments, and access your loyalty program.
  • Point of Sale Integration. Receive orders and manage menus across all platforms and integration systems, including Aloha, Micros, Revel, and Toast.

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