Preventing Data Breaches Is More Important Than Ever

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Robert Firpo-Cappiello
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Jason Stead
Jason Stead, CISO at Choice Hotels International, shares cybersecurity insights at Navigating Together at HT-NEXT.

News of yet another data breach at Marriott International has recently come to light. Various news sources are reporting that hackers have claimed to have stolen 20 gigabytes of guest data in June using social engineering to trick an employee at a Maryland hotel into giving the hackers access to a computer that ultimately enabled them to access files on that property's network.

However, a Marriott spokesperson said the hackers did not access the Marriott's core network.

As details emerge and the story continues to take shape, we think it’s useful to revisit (below) an exceptional session from our Navigating Together at HT-NEXT conference last December, “Cybersecurity: A 21st Century Franchise Differentiator,” in which Jason Stead, CISO at Choice Hotels International, shares insights into why cybersecurity is arguably more important than ever.

“The hospitality industry is being attacked at an alarming rate, and it’s only accelerating.” —Jason Stead, CISO, Choice Hotels International.