Presto Rolls Out New Solutions, Expands Market Base

Anna Wolfe
Senior Editor, Restaurants

Presto has rapidly expanded its customer base due to new solutions like contactless dining and computer vision technology. It currently has over 100 million active monthly users and 300,000 systems shipped across three continents.

Presto’s recent growth has been fueled by the launch of several new technologies for drive-thru performance optimization, contactless ordering / payment, and staff enablement. Its strategic partnerships with PayPal, Google, and Fiserv provide valuable access to global markets and help it scale rapidly. 

Enterprise-Grade Technology

Originally known for its pay-at-table offering, Presto has quickly expanded to become an end-to-end front-of-house technology platform. In addition to enhancing the guest experience, the Presto platform enables staff efficiency (Server Handheld, Line Busting Tablet, Wearable Watch) and data-driven insights for managers (Analytics & Reporting, Computer Vision, Predictive AI). Presto has also doubled its customer base by helping thousands of restaurants reopen across the world during the pandemic. Guests can enjoy a personalized, on-demand dining experience anywhere with Presto’s new Contactless Order & Pay, Self-Service Kiosk, and Drive-Thru Solutions.

COVID Tech Connect

To further its commitment to the community, Presto has partnered with the COVID Tech Connect initiative. Volunteers from across the country are coming together to supply hospitals and senior care facilities with smart devices so critically ill patients can communicate with loved ones during their last moments. The initiative has received significant national media coverage, raised over $4M, and delivered 6,000 smart devices. Please visit to learn more about this initiative.


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