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Presto Pilots Computer Vision Product

Presto Vision leverages technology that uses cameras and analyzes guests' and staff's motions.
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Presto Vision is a comprehensive computer vision product for restaurants. It leverages  technology that uses discreet cameras placed in the restaurant lobby and other areas. Hosts, staff, guests, and other individuals are automatically tagged in real-time and their motion analyzed. Interaction effects such as host availability, individual wait times, and customer bounce rates are measured and guest experience score forecasted.

The new Presto Vision product enables analysis of staff and guest interactions with an incredible level of granularity. Here are some important benefits offered by this product:

  • Extraction of data-driven insights on performance metrics and noteworthy events, such as excessively long waits, untidy lobbies, unavailable hosts, and customer bounce rates (i.e., the number of customers who leave without being seated or greeted)
  • Ability for managers to flag and address problems immediately, if required
  • Gathering of visual content to identify potential coaching and training opportunities
  • Remote, immediate visual access across multiple locations, and a high-level view of performance metrics and noteworthy events across brands for large restaurant chains
  • Forecasted guest experience score and potential corrective actions

Security and privacy are important aspects of the Presto Vision system. Data captured by the cameras is stored only temporarily for the analysis and is automatically deleted after 30 days. No personally identifiable information is tracked or recorded on any individual. The system models individuals as abstracted entities (e.g., boxes) and only monitors attributes directly relevant to restaurant operations. The computer vision technology used in Presto Vision is robust and already in use in other industries such as Amazon Go, automated toll booths, traffic monitoring, manufacturing and medical imaging.

With this product, restaurants can now have access to critical insights on how their stores actually work, says Presto. This helps them provide better service, operate more efficiently, and reduce overhead.

Analyzing the Lobby

The pilot initially focuses on lobby analytics and is likely to expand to other parts of the restaurant, including back-of-house, curbside and dining areas.

Presto offers an end-to-end front-of-house technology platform. It uses next generation technologies that enable restaurants to grow revenue and profitability while enhancing guest experience. The Presto platform has powerful solutions for guests, servers, and managers including:

  • Guest Experience - Pay At Table, Tabletop, Self-Serve Kiosk, Mobile Software Development Kit
  • Server Assistance - Server Handheld, Line Busting Tablet, Wearable Watch
  • Manager Insights - Analytics & Reporting, Computer Vision, Predictive AI
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