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POS Provider Offers Integrated EMV Payment Processing

As the country’s small business retailers prepare for the impending consumer fraud liability shift, technology and payment processing company TouchSuite has been hard at work developing the first-ever point of sale solution fully integrated with synchronized, commercially viable EMV processing capabilities- a solution the company today announced is now available on the U.S. merchant market exclusively through its Firefly system.
The consumer fraud liability shift, which goes into effect in October 2015, determines that, if a merchant lacks the EMV-certified technology to allow a chip–enabled card transaction from occurring, that merchant will be liable for any fraudulent activity associated with the transaction. Card issuers nation-wide are including chips in all new consumer cards, and merchants are moving to EMV-certified technology to increase overall security and reduce fraud resulting from lost, stolen and counterfeit cards. These merchants are forced to use a side EMV terminal that requires manual reconciliation- a duplication of the same input required in their point of sale system.
TouchSuite is the only POS company in the U.S. that offers businesses the ability to accept EMV transactions that have already been fully reconciled in their systems. With the EMV-compliant capabilities, small business merchants can not only rest assured that their customer’s consumer identity is safeguarded and the they are free of liability in the event of transaction-related fraud, but they can also anticipate increased revenues as a result of broadening and securing consumers’ payment options.
TouchSuite’s Firefly is an Android™-based POS solution that gives small and mid-size businesses access to the same industry tools and innovations as major U.S. retailers, and assumes the responsibility of other costly business solutions and outside vendor services.
This intuitive software, packaged in a modern, lightweight touchscreen panel, is internally a vast and comprehensive infrastructure of managerial, administrative, operational, and marketing solutions. Bringing some of the industry’s foremost innovations to the SMB companies with customized software for both retail and the salon and spa industries, Firefly features such forward-thinking capabilities as automated commissions, universal gift card acceptance, customizable inventory, integrated social media channels, and a comprehensive marketing suite of automated emails with pre-programmed templates.
The marketing suite will also offer users a one-step, design-to-delivery print piece solution that allows them to oversee everything from layout, to print, to delivery via USPS, all from within their POS system.
Firefly Retail is not only accessible from an Android™ mobile device, but its cloud-based support also means that information is secure and always backed up, and that updates can be made remotely and sync automatically to the main unit. The system comes equipped with primary peripherals including a barcode scanner, receipt printer, cash drawer, and keyboard.
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