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POS Integration Offers More Secure Payments Option

A crucial step to a global full omni-channel offering, the Vexilor and VeriFone PAYware Ocius solution operates using a Payments as a Service model (PaaS) which mirrors Vexilor's Software as a Service (SaaS) model to provide flexibility and more economical start-up and ongoing costs for merchants.
The Vexilor and VeriFone PAYware Ocius payment solution integration can be used in the UK and Ireland with VX 820 DUET terminals for PUSH payments and VX 680 WiFi terminals for PAT (Pay At Table). By using these VeriFone terminals, no sensitive credit card information is stored on Vexilor, creating an extra level of security.
The additional level of security and peace of mind for clients and merchants using Vexilor comes because the card data isn’t stored, processed or transmited. The integration solution with VeriFone PAYware Ocius will substantially address PCI requirements for the merchant and hugely reduce the burden of compliance around POS integrated with a payments solution.
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