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Portland Restaurants Implement Shift4 Technology Solutions

A series of Portland, Oregon-based restaurants have chosen Shift4 Corporation, a provider of secure payment processing services, to help them with their data security and compliance needs. Bruce Carey Restaurants and Clamity Jae's have elected to implement Shift4's enhanced MICROS drivers, which interface with Shift4's DOLLARS ON THE NET payment gateway, to safeguard against data theft and to alleviate issues associated with Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliance. Shift4's enhanced drivers employ Card Information Replacement Technology (CIRT) to ensure that no Cardholder Data (CHD) ever enters the Point-of-Sale (POS) application, database or server.

Jack Bailey, owner of Clamity Jae's, decided to utilize Shift4's enhanced drivers after a data breach cost his business thousands of dollars in fines and damages. By implementing Shift4's technology, Bailey was able to purge his system of sensitive payment card information, making Clamity Jae's less susceptible to future data theft.

"My MICROS system was hacked in late 2008 and I had to pay $80,000 in PCI related fines and damages. Hackers are stealing credit card data in transit from terminal to back-office server, and the MICROS default gateway provided no protection. Shift4 was able to resolve this vulnerability," says Bailey.

Preventative measures
Bruce Carey, owner of Bruce Carey Restaurants, implemented Shift4 technology at all four of his Portland locations as a preventative measure after his MICROS dealer told him he was running a non-compliant system and needed to upgrade his software to avoid penalties.

"By implementing Shift4's 4Go SafeSwipe with Tokenization in our non-compliant, legacy MICROS systems, we have removed our systems from the scope of PCI. Now, our MICROS systems are more secure than brand-new compliant systems, and we have saved thousands of dollars by not having to upgrade," says Catherine McLeod, Controller for Bruce Carey Restaurants.

Shift4's enhanced drivers for MICROS 3700, 8700 and 9700 POS systems use Tokenization technology to replace real CHD in the files and logs of the POS with a random alphanumeric "Token." If a Shift4 driver is installed on an older, non-compliant legacy system, the Shift4 driver removes the previously stored data and makes it secure, thus bringing it into compliance. If the Shift4 driver is installed on a newer, compliant version, the system will further enhance security by removing all usable CHD and preventing new CHD from ever entering the system. In addition to enhanced MICROS drivers, Shift4 has interfaces with over 300 leading POS/PMS systems that support CIRT technology.
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