Polly’s Pies Partners with RRT to Manage Takeout Orders

Restaurant Revolution Technologies Inc. (RRT) said Polly’s Pies Restaurant (Polly’s Pies) selected its patented takeout order processing and management solutions to fulfill the chain’s takeout orders. RRT will process and manage every takeout order placed from guest initiation. RRT’s restaurant specific order management technology solution is supported by their call center, online and mobile ordering platforms.
Polly's Pies experience a large surge of takeout business during the holiday season. The overall breadth and comprehensive level of services that RRT provides was vital in the decision making process by the regional chain.
RRT's solutions allows Polly’s Pies location management to focus on their core business — dine-in guests and the in-house guest experience. As such, Polly’s Pies looks to add both short- and long-term relationships as well as stronger brand loyalty with their takeout guests by instituting a high level of takeout order management and processing without sacrificing their already high level of in-store customer service.
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