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PizzaExpress App Eliminates the Need to Wait for the Bill

PizzaExpress has launched a new iPhone app that, amongst other things, gives customers the option to pay their bill automatically via their Smartphone. PizzaExpress’ new payment option is set to take the stress out of waiting to pay the bill, allowing customers to pay and leave the restaurant when they want to.
The new PizzaExpress iPhone app is free to download from the Apple app store and can be used in its 370 UK restaurants across the country. The launch will be supported by a company-wide roll-out of free WiFi via The Cloud and revolutionary new electronic point-of-sale facilities that will enable a seamless transition to the new payment system for customers.
With the help of online payment system PayPal, the app allows PizzaExpress to satisfy growing customer demand for greater personalization and control of their dining experience.
The new app also enables customers to find and book a restaurant table, view menus, and store special offer codes and receipts, all via the touch of their iPhone.
“We knew there was no point just launching an app for the sake of it, so we waited until we had a system that could genuinely improve our customers’ experience of eating out at PizzaExpress. We believe today’s version does exactly that and we’re looking forward to developing it in the future,” says Mark Angela, chief executive of PizzaExpress.

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