Pizza Hut Indonesia Gets Personal

Pizza Hut Indonesia partners with Algonomy to serve up personalized digital customer experiences.
Anna Wolfe
Senior Editor - Restaurants
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PT. SARIMELATI KENCANA TBK, one of Indonesia’s franchised restaurant operators with more than 520 Pizza Hut stores across all islands, has expanded its strategic partnership with Algonomy, a provider of Algorithmic Customer Engagement (ACE) solutions to help the brand create a connected and individualized customer experience across all digital channels including e-commerce site and mobile app. 

Pizza Hut Indonesia has been a customer of Algonomy (previously Manthan) since 2019 when they signed up for Algonomy’s Customer Data Platform & Customer Journey Orchestration to make data driven, insights-led marketing decisions and campaigns. With single customer view and deep customer insights, Pizza Hut was able to drive targeted campaigns across channels improving their user base and visit frequency. 

As part of this expanded partnership, Pizza Hut, Indonesia will be leveraging Algonomy’s AI-Powered Personalization products - Recommend & Engage  to enhance customer experience by providing uniquely personalized recommendations and content tailored to their specific taste and preferences across all digital touchpoints, thereby enhancing customer loyalty, and revenues.


“The announcement today underscores the importance of our longstanding strategic partnership with Algonomy”, said Wawa Suwanto, CMO at PT. SARIMELATI KENCANA TBK.  “Algonomy has demonstrated its ability to understand our business and allows us to understand our customers at an individual level to deliver exceptional customer experience at scale.” 

Algonomy has worked with other Yum brands including Pizza Hut UK, Canada and KFC Canada. Pizza Hut Indonesia is on course to transform into an algorithmic business that seamlessly uses data, analytics and algorithms to deliver on customer needs at every part of the brand’s digital transformation journey, said Algonomy.