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Pizza Hut Franchisees Pay Drivers Through the POS

Pizza Hut Franchisees to pay their drivers using XTM's Today Mastercard for earned wage access.

XTM, Inc.'s Today Mobile App and instant payout solution was chosen by several Pizza Hut Franchisees for a same-day payment solution for driver earnings and gratuity payouts.

"With cash declining at a record pace in food delivery and quick serve restaurant  environments, now more than ever, workers need an alternative to provide instant access to their pay," said Nelson Wong,  Director of Corporate Services & Special Projects, Marble Restaurants (Pizza Hut Franchise Group).  "XTM's business model for the hospitality sector afforded our Pizza Hut locations an opportunity to remove cash from our ecosystem quickly, efficiently and at no cost."

Integrated with the POS

"We see our integration with the Pizza Hut point-of-sale system as an example of the future of our scalable and low friction model," said Marilyn Schaffer, CEO, XTM.  "We are empowering Pizza Hut Franchisees to focus on running their stores while we take care of daily staff payouts," said Marilyn Schaffer, CEO, XTM.  "With our easy fully integrated fintech platform employee payouts are seamless, automated and instant."   

XTM is a Miami and Toronto-based fintech innovator in the neo-banking space helping business and workers alike expedite earnings payout and eliminate banking fees. We are a global card issuer and real-time payment specialist providing our technology to businesses to automate and expedite worker payouts that can also eliminate cash. XTM integrates businesses to a payment ecosystem that is coupled with a free mobile app and a Visa or Mastercard debit card with free banking features. XTM drives enterprise value and creates a positive user experience.

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