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Pivot Hotels expands IDeaS’ Revenue Management Technology to Multiple Properties

IDeaS Revenue Solutions, a provider of revenue management software solutions and advisory services, announced the expansion of its relationship with Pivot Hotels and Resorts, the luxury and lifestyle operating division of Davidson Hotels and Resorts.

With a growing collection of independent and soft-branded properties within its portfolio – and a partnership with IDeaS dating back to 2014 – it was an easy decision for Pivot Hotels to continue its trusted relationship with IDeaS.

With one of their current properties already leveraging the flagship IDeaS Revenue Management System (RMS), Pivot Hotels selected IDeaS G3 Revenue Management System (IDeaS G3 RMS) for several more of their properties.

“We are very excited to transition a number of our hotels to this new, robust system,” says Patricia Davis, vice president of sales, marketing and revenue management for Pivot Hotels. “We look forward to the increased customer insights and robust pricing decisions that the advanced SAS analytics can provide.”

IDeaS’ revenue management expertise and leading technology were the best long-term option to empower Pivot Hotels to continue growing. The company is projected to open 5-7 new properties each year and needed a solution that enables each property to make strategic, profitable business decisions.

“Our greatest excitement is seeing what IDeaS does best: making our shoulder dates stronger. Many of our hotels have an untraditionally longer length of stay, and we look forward to having IDeaS transition those dates from need into high peak days,” Davis added.

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