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Pickwick Hotel Selects Stayntouch PMS to Help Elevate the Guest Experience

pickwick hotel with stayntouch logo

Stayntouch, a provider of guest-centric cloud hotel property management systems (PMS) and contactless technology, announced the completed implementation of its flagship cloud-native PMS platform at the historic Pickwick Hotel in San Francisco. Pickwick Hotel’s selection of Stayntouch reinforces its PMS platform’s standing as the industry’s most intuitive and easy-to-onboard solution. Powered by advanced automation, the Stayntouch PMS empowers Pickwick’s on property team to reduce administrative time and enhance their guest welcome experience with a fully-mobile and PMS integrated self check-in option. 

Founded in 1926 in the heart of San Francisco near Union Square, the Pickwick Hotel is a luxury boutique hotel that combines classic Neo-Gothic architecture with modern amenities and cutting-edge mobile technology, combining a rich history with a firm emphasis on delivering luxury service. 

Fred Adriano, the General Manager of the Pickwick Hotel, said, “Like the rest of the hotel industry in California, these last couple of years have been volatile in terms of occupancy and labor availability. We wanted a PMS that could actively empower our staff to deliver the luxury service they are known for, while also providing a convenient and hygienic mobile check-in option for guests. Stayntouch has delivered on all fronts: Its operating system is easy to use, which greatly reduces training time, and it automates many common administrative functions, which has increased the efficiency of our lean staff across the board. Mobile check-in has proven to be a boon for staff and guests alike, offering guests a convenient way to check into their room, while also increasing the bandwidth of our front desk associates.” 

Michael Heflin, Chief Revenue Officer at Stayntouch, replied, “We are proud that our mobile and flexible PMS has enhanced the Pickwick Hotel’s guest welcome experience, while empowering their staff with the mobile tools they need to provide the best service possible. Iconic hotels like Pickwick remain iconic because they are continually evaluating how they can leverage enhanced technology to improve what is already best-in-class service. The Pickwick Hotel proves that a high-tech mobile ecosystem can operate hand-in-hand with high-touch luxury service and we could not be more excited to help facilitate Pickwick’s continual mission to deliver exceptional high-touch hospitality.” 

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