Phonesuite Integrates with Roxy Voice-Activated Assistant  

Anna Wolfe
Senior Editor - Restaurants
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Phonesuite, a provider of hotel voice technology solutions, has integrated its hotel PBX platform with Roxy, the speech-enabled device designed specifically for hospitality that provides customizable in-room concierge services.

This partnership combines a virtual assistant and a PBX system, enabling hotels to streamline their in-room devices and make voice-activated calls directly through the device.

The integration of Roxy with Phonesuite’s PBX platform stems from research showing the rise of smart speakers in consumers’ lives. The Smart Audio Report, which is based on data from NPR and Edison Research, reports that around 39 million U.S. adults own a smart speaker, and that the adoption rate during the past three years is now outpacing that of smartphones and tablets, and 31 percent of smart speaker owners are asking their virtual assistants to control other devices.

With this data in mind, Phonesuite completed the integration of its PBX with Roxy, demonstrating a commitment to understanding the preferences of hotel guests and delivering technologies that enhance their experience and exceed their expectations.

Roxy provides a web portal that enables hotels to develop their own custom personas representing their brand, information and services. Phone functionality can be added through a software update.

"The Phonesuite integration with Roxy is huge for us” states Nick Pearson, assistant general manager of Jupiter NEXT, a hotel in Portland, Ore.. “Using Roxy devices in lieu of legacy phones has saved us thousands, reduced clutter in our rooms all while delivering a more robust guest experience.”

The Phonesuite PBX integration with Roxy is available now and will be demonstrated at HITEC  Booth 2101 in Houston, June 18-21.