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Percipia Early Adaptor of HTNG’s API Registry

Percipia, a provider of telephony solutions, software, and services to the hospitality industry, said it is proud to support and participate in the HTNG API Registry. Percipia is committed to working with hotels and other hotel technology partners to provide seamless integration and creative solutions that help each hotel property have the ability to customize their solutions.

HTNG’s API registry is the first component in a series of planned API-related projects. Each allows advanced communication and integration between products to create value in ways not currently possible.

"The API Registry will allow for HTNG-participating technology partners to collaborate more easily, and identify which companies are developing what specific new and exciting technologies that can easily be integrated with each other,” said Patrick Dunphrey, HTNG’s CIO.

According to Percipia, the API registry allows for seamless integration and effective collaboration between technology companies. In the past, this has been a reactive process initiated by a single project which would add complexity and time before deployment. However, due to the collaboration among committee members and Percipia’s commitment to making integration between various hospitality technology providers more seamless and dynamic, hotels and their technology vendors will be now be able to create a more memorable experience for the guest.

Percipia currently has three solutions listed on its API Registry page which can be found here

  • Percipia’s Frequency PBX, is an affordable, customizable and full-featured IP phone system designed specifically for the hospitality industry.
  • Percipia’s Latitude, is a mobile and in-room application featuring extensive integration and customization. Percipia’s Latitude works with Avaya, Cisco and NEC on a SIP-based Android device.
  • Percipia’s Informant CAS, is a user-friendly call accounting which seamlessly integrates with the property management system and offers analytical call-reporting features.
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