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The Peabody Orlando Implements KABA Saflok RFID Locks in 1,641 Rooms

The 1,641-room Peabody Orlando hotel has just completed the installation of Kaba’s Saflok Quantum Adese RFID lock system. The project included installation of Saflok Quantum RFID locks in all 891 rooms of the Peabody Orlando’s existing facility during renovation, as well as in the property’s new 750-room tower.
“We are extremely satisfied with KABA’s Saflok Quantum RFID technology,” says Barb Bowden, general manager of the Forbes Four Star-rated Peabody Orlando. “Thanks to the Quantum RFID system, guest keycard and lock issues are significantly reduced. KABA’s RFID keys are reliable so guests rarely encounter issues with their keys. This is essential for guest satisfaction at a property our size that serves thousands of experienced business travelers.” RFID credentials are highly reliable and are not susceptible to demagnetization.

The Peabody Orlando implementation required that KABA simultaneously coordinate Saflok’s new-build installation in the hotel’s 750-room tower while upgrading the existing property’s locking system with the Saflok Adese RFID technology during renovation.
The Quantum RFID system’s flexibility was helpful during construction as trades people completed each floor. The Peabody was able to easily change keycard room access authorization so only the appropriate workers were allowed in rooms, whether they were plumbing, electrical, wallpapering, or furnishing teams. “The Saflok Quantum system is controlled centrally which allowed us to customize the room-security process for each floor as we built up the new tower,” says Bowden. “This was also an important feature as we renovated our existing building floor by floor.”
The proximity RFID system allows guests to unlock their doors by merely presenting the key in front of the lock reader. Operators can also program the system to use keycards for guest identification as well as room access.
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