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PCI Protection: Dairy Queen Franchisee Upgrades Security to aid in Prevention of Data Breaches

PCI compliance has become an issue of great concern for Quick Service Restaurants (QSRs) within the last year. According to a recent report from Hospitality Technology, less than 35% of QSRs are fully compliant with the PCI requirements. Roundtable Corporation, a multi-unit Dairy Queen franchisee, faced several challenges because of these numerous components required for PCI compliance. Roundtable's IT department felt it was in their best interest to let SecureConnect manage their Internet Security and network support.

"SecureConnect has the resources in place to make the transition as seamless as possible, and they were also recommended through DQ Corporate," states Mike Stump, director of information technology at Roundtable. The franchisee was introduced to SecureConnect through a Dairy Queen Webinar. "SecureConnect provides services that help ensure the protection of our customers' cardholder information. Their expertise in securing streams of network connectivity is a win-win for us and our customers," Stump says. "SecureConnect has been very proactive in meeting the needs of Roundtable," Stump adds.

The security benefits associated with maintaining PCI compliance are vital to the long-term success of all merchants who process card payments. This includes continual identification of threats and vulnerabilities that could potentially impact the organization. Most organizations never fully recover from data breaches because the loss is greater than the data itself. As Stump says, "PCI compliance is sort of like car insurance. It really doesn't mean much until you need it." Unfortunately, many organizations discover this problem much too late. Due to the significant repercussions of a security breach, many merchants ultimately go out of business, with considerable press negatively affecting the entire brand as well. Being proactive with network security is essential to every organization in today's business environment.
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