PAR Technology Introduces PARk it: A Digital Contactless Ordering Solution for Restaurants

Anna Wolfe
Senior Editor, Restaurants

PAR Technology introduces PARk it, an online-ordering platform utilizing QR codes and Brink POS software to convert a restaurant into a self-order kiosk/drive-in without any additional hardware.

PARk it, powered by Ready Software USA Inc. (Ready) allows restaurant operators to create QR codes that connect customers to the restaurant’s online menu using their phone. Customers can order menu items, pay with their existing payment methods such as Apple Pay, Google Pay or Credit Cards without signing up, or downloading an app. It’s a flexible solution for restaurants and a frictionless experience for customers. Their order can either be taken to their vehicle or prepared for in-store pickup in a way that adheres to current social distancing mandates and is safe for staff and customers.

QR codes created using PARk it can be applied to specific parking spots at a location and can be easily affixed to signs, pedestals or windows. This gives operators the flexibility to offer safe, contactless, and on-premise ordering options that turn a guest’s smartphone into a virtual kiosk, drive-thru or drive-in.

Ready uses the Brink API to transform every consumer’s mobile phone into their own personal kiosk or drive-through. PAR says "making this capability available to our customers has been a top priority given the urgent need restaurants have to serve their customers in new ways.”

The PARk it ordering platform is available to all Brink POS customers and can be launched within 24-48 hours.

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