PAR Technology Buys Digital Ordering Company

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ParTech Inc.  announced the acquisition of Menu Technologies AG, a fast growing, omnichannel ordering solution for international restaurant brands. 

The acquisition adds a robust online ordering component to Par’s suite of unified commerce solutions that maximize business performance for Par customers, better positioning the organization as one of the first unified commerce solutions for enterprise restaurants. 

"Today, restaurants are overwhelmed with disparate technologies that are devoid of the connectivity or intelligence that a unified solution offers," said CEO & President of Par Technology Corp., Savneet Singh. "The acquisition of Menu allows Par to consolidate a restaurant's off-premise and on-premise orders into one unified techstack. Restaurants will now have a unified, data-driven network from the point of order to the kitchen, and all the way through fulfillment, allowing their teams to focus on delivering a better guest experience, instead of wasting time on vendor management."

Headquartered in Zug, Switzerland, Menu Technologies offers omnichannel ordering solutions for restaurant brands. With a core base of shared customers between Par and Menu, the acquisition will bring Par’s expansive platform to new markets and add omnichannel ordering solutions to its U.S. clients.

Menu’s online ordering capabilities enhances PAR’s already integrated suite of SaaS solutions that includes Brink POS for front-of-house, Data Central for back-office, PAR Pay and PAR Payment Services for payments, and Punchh for customer loyalty and engagement. 

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