PAR Technology Adds XPR to Its Brink POS Integration Ecosystem

Anna Wolfe
Senior Editor, Restaurants

ParTech Inc. has added XPR to its Brink POS integration ecosystem as a partner specializing in self-serve kiosks, contactless food ordering, KDS, and content management services.

XPR delivers innovative solutions to the hospitality industry, including fast casuals, table service and quick service restaurant locations, through cloud-based and artificial intelligence supported methods. The company’s integration with Brink POS will enable PAR’s customers to add XPR’s Contactless Ordering and Self-Ordering Kiosks to their operations while still maintaining existing backend infrastructure. Using its multi-touch point ecosystem, XPR’s solutions provide guests with a fast, interactive, and engaging ordering experience while cutting labor costs.

A recent business impact study of XPR’s kiosks at a theme-park based QSR location revealed that average order sizes increased by 23%, while average order values increased by about 18%. XPR attributes the increased totals to its unique setup and features, including intelligent upselling, one-tap order, and multilingual menus, among others. Customers saw reduced wait times and higher quality experiences while the kitchen became more efficient.

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